Bird House

'Therapy through Trespassing, Bricks, Mud and Shit'

Empty sounds echoed upwards towards the roof, the flap of wings and creaks of rusty sheet metal in the wind had me alert as I wasn't alone.

The rain had just passed and I was itching to go explore my first site in my new home of Melbourne. Several options had either been demolished or access was too difficult without ladders and the cover of night, so a short drive away I found an abandoned brick works that was in the process of being demolished. Timing my approach right I hid in the bushes waiting for the opportune moment to silently climb the fence over into this colourful industrial playground.

This had to be a very quiet and rushed job, as there were workers below me as I carefully snooped around above them in the rafters and rusted gangways like the many pigeons that had called this place home for sometime, as evident by their copious heaps of shit, the air was tense and a bit dank.

I'll go check it out again in the near future to see if I can explore again in privacy. That is if it's still there.

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