Sanity (Sanatorium Part 1)

'Therapy through Asbestos, Death, Wind and Walls'

Following a dark figure through these old halls; it looks for answers and finds its truth.

I wanted to try something different by crafting a clear visual story path through these shots, different to my usual approach of dislodged psychedelia and death. This session of therapy struck the biggest chord with me since my 'Party Safe' session which was more themed around the finality and bluntness of death whereas here, death has a whole different meaning and context.

One that is death of the mind and soul, being imprisoned under circumstances beyond your control and slowly waiting to be claimed. Anxiety riddles these shots. It's all a little bit insane.

#Death #Urbex #Abandoned #BlackandWhite #Photography #Explore #Shadows #Haunting #Anxiety #Depression

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