'Therapy through Dungeons, Rooftops, Climbing and Gold'

Thirsty for a drink after a long drive, I pulled off the road and into a brewery. Well aged and full of micro-organisms, a large glass ruined me, I woke upon a roof surrounded by art and rotting floorboards. Gold growing around.

This has been a place I had been wanting to hit for months now, finally presented with a day off myself and a friend drove to an abandoned brewery 3 hours south. Two large buildings with 5 stories, a burnt out house and tonnes of treasures made for a wonderful adventure. With no in tact methods of climbing and descending the stories and basements of the large buildings, we monkeyed our way carefully up metal beams, wooden planks and used power cords as ropes. Definitely a place well suited for raves.

Seven hours of exploring, shooting and an Alpaca burger later. I sobered up.

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