'Therapy through Engines, Ticks, Mushrooms and Silence'

I adventured to a broken fable. Deep in the bush; a misty forest with a grand castle, mushrooms peppering the grounds, the occasional whisper and the decaying corpses of several cars.

I walked along a fire-trail adjacent to the neighbouring train tracks for the better part of an hour, all the time stopping to photograph interesting mushrooms and a motley assemble of discarded treasures. I came across a steep overhang where a car had been driven off the edge, curious, I carefully navigated the drop, the rocks and soil damp with the rain that had come earlier. The real treasure was the large abandoned estate further down the trail with the skeleton of a grandiose castle nestled amongst overgrowth and home made bongs.

Meditating, the silence was broken by the breaking of glass beneath a boot behind me.

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